Magrini Graziano
Born in Arezzo (Italy) in 1943, I was a mechanical engineer by trade. After a lifetime working with high precision tools for a firm in Milan. I moved to the place where i always flyfished: The Val d'Aveto in the Liguria region
The idea first came tome in 1970. When i started fly fishing, i bought, amongst other things, a fly tying vise. Fly tying came quite naturally to me, probably because i found it really intriguing. After tying about 100 flies the vise started to fall apart, so i decide to build one myself.

I've had the good fortune to do a job that i loved: i was a toolmaker. In toolmaking you're involved with mould casting and high precision tools; you also need a very good knoledge of metals, in particular special steels. I made the first vise in my workshop.

The result exceeded expectations: after seeing it, most of my friends wated one and so did a few tackle shops in the Milan area . With my late friend G. Giovannelli, i started producing small series of models that are still very useful like the "Jolly" and the "Frog".

ILately, in collaboration with my good friend Battista De Vecchi (also a keen flyfisher) who owns a small but very modern company (De vecchi Mechanical tourning), we designed other models, some of which are frontrunners in the world of fly tying.

Designing a vise...
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