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SINTESIS Jointed model
Basic EVO

Jointed , knob controlled tying angle

Pedestal Model SN 005

Clamp Model SN 006

Jointed, comes with 2 heads: Standard and Midge

Pedestal Model SN 007

Clamp Model SN 008

Only available with Base SN 0A3

Pedestal Model only SN 0E2

Axis rotation vise with a multiple uses and adjustments

Classic rotary vise for every type of fly tiyng. Smaller than previous version, has been improved by expanding the working space.

Supplied with 2 clamps: Classic and Midge(for minute hooks)

Kitt per Tube Fly

Pedestal model only SN 0E1

Pedestal model only SN 0E3

Frog EVO

Differs from the classic version because it's possible to freely rotate and regulate the head clamp via a knob that also allows a variable working angle.

Mare Nostrum

First ever on axis rotary vise with lever action clamp

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Pedestal model only SN 0E4

Jolly EVO

Differs from the classic version because the height adjustment rod is decentralized.This model has a special brass articulated joint that allows locking either with a knob or with a micrometric lever( both included)


Vise for travel

Dimensioni in posizione da trasporto: 12 cm X 6 cm

Pedestal model only SN 0A5



Accessorio schermo SN 114

Parashute Bracket SN 014

Accessorio per ROTARY Regolatore di altezza SN 00N

Accessorio per FROG variante Palù SN 00M

Testa con pinza a leva tipo FROG

Testa rotante per CONVERTIBILE

Jointed version with Pedestal SN 003

Joinded version with Clamp SN 004

Pedestal Model SN 009

Palù version SN 00M

Clamp Model SN 0010

Lever operated head suitable for a large variety of hook sizes

Rotary Evo

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Clamp Model SN 0A1

Simple fly tiyng vise of high quality

fixed Model with Base SN 001

fixed model with Clamp SN 002